Enhancing Fieldwork Learning

A Higher Education Academy Project with the British Ecological Society

About Us

'Enhancing Fieldwork Learning' was a cross-disciplinary Higher Education Academy funded project which aimed to promote ways to enhance student learning during fieldwork through the use of technology. HEA funding finished in 2013 and the website continues, with the same aim, under the auspices of the British Ecological Society.

"Pedagogy rather than technology drives our objectives."

We engage primarily with Geography, Earth, Ecological, Environmental and Biosciences but are keen to engage with any aligned disciplines whether in the UK or overseas. Our focus is on using affordable, ubiquitous technologies such as iPads, digital cameras and social networks to address a series of problems that may arise during fieldwork such as lack of student engagement or logistical issues such as limited connectivity.



Summer Fieldwork - Are you teaching in the field this year?  We'd like to encourage everyone to share their tips for the best apps, digital aids and anything else that improves student experience. We have two projects to get involved in:

Twitter:  while you're out in the field this year, we'd like to encourage you to use #efl2015 to share your experiences. At the end of the year we'll pull all the threads together to generate a picture of what Fieldwork in 2015 looked like. You can follow all that's best about fieldwork through @fieldwork_ntf

Showcase:  You are invited to join us on the 8-9th September 2015 at the ISIS Education Centre, Hyde Park, Londo nto showcase your own experiences and share best practice with like-minded educators from across GEES and Bioscience departments throughout the UK. Please get in touch with karen@britishecologicalsociety.org if you have any specific proposals you would like us to consider.


Practical work is no longer an assessed part of A-level science and will not contribute to a student's overall grade.  Students will instead be expected to have undertaken a minimum of 12 practical activities, which they have "passed".  University admissions staff have already stated that it is unlikely the current admissions process will be able to take account of a pass/fail statement and since Ofqual have admitted it will be possible for a student to obtain the highest grades and still fail the practical aspect of their fieldwork, schools themselves have confined that they will likely focus less and invest less on this aspect of their courses.  The BES is likely to work through SCORE to ensure that fieldwork is at least included as one of the 12 practicals.
A-level Geography will include assessed fieldwork and the implementation of new courses have been delayed 12 months to allow the development of appropriate assessment.
On a more positive note, field investigations remain part of the content for GCSE biologists.
For all school science policy matters check out SCORE



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