Here you will find project resources and external resources relating to fieldwork and technology in fieldwork.

Project Resources

The Future of Higher Education Fieldwork in GEES briefing report 2012.

(Click here for the full report)

Welsh, K., France, D., Whalley, W.B, Park, J.R, (iFirst) Geotagging Photographs in Fieldwork, Journal of Geography in Higher Education. (Click here for downloadable pdf)

Welsh, K., France, D. (2012) Spotlight on….Smartphones and fieldwork, Geography, Vol.97 (1), p.47-51 (Click here for downloadable pdf)

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Fieldwork Audit Tool (Click here for downloadable pdf)

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Technology & Fieldwork Questionnaire 2011 (Click here for downloadable pdf)

External Resources/Links

have some great Google Earth and Google Maps tutorials available:

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HEA STEM - Qualitative Approaches to Pedagogical Research in the Biosciences.
A variety of resources from this recent pedagogical meeting at the University of Leicester.

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Designing effective fieldwork for the Environmental and Natural Sciences (GEES guide) (Click Here) This is a comprehensive guide by Maskall & Stokes (2007) outlining how to design effective fieldwork for students.

Teaching geosciences through fieldwork (GEES guide) (Click Here) A comprehensive guide by Rob Butler outlining how to teach Geoscience through fieldwork

HEA GEES website (Click Here) Visit the HEA GEES website and search for 'fieldwork' to find all associated fieldwork resources which are still hosted on the GEES website.

Field Studies Council (Click Here) Various resources, publications and guides for fieldwork available here from the Field Studies Council.

Fieldwork Education Resources Collection via The Open Fieldwork Project (Click Here) The Fieldwork Education Resource Collection (FERC) brings together fieldwork education resources that are publicly available on the web to allow easy discovery, and to facilitate reuse in the GEES and wider HE community.

Annotated fieldwork bibliography (1990-2002) – Cottingham, Healey, Gravestock (Click Here)

Royal Geographical Society and Fieldwork (Click Here)

British Ecological Society and Fieldwork (Click Here)

British Geological Survey Higher Education Network (Click Here)

Over 1,000 geography videos filmed in the field, authored by Joseph Kerski:

… including: Why is fieldwork important to geography? (Joseph Kerski)

ArcGIS Online – web based mapping service – allows students to generate maps based on field data from GPX, CSV, and other types of files:

For example: Bird Count at Beidler Forest:

A series of Slideshare Presentations from the MoRSE project (Kingston University) related to mobile learning and fieldwork:

An investigation of student use of tablet devices in International Business Higher Education